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The Toronto Public Radio Workshop is now a group on Facebook! It’s a private group so you’ll have to request access - but your membership should be approved within a day or two.

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GREAT podcast on pitching - Throw Like a Girl: Pitching the Hell Out of Your Stories

(aimed at female reporters but applies to everyone).

Source: SoundCloud / Her Girl Friday

TPRW SoundCloud Group

(Thanks to Sean for setting this up)

The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR)

Lots of great resources for non-members, but one of the best features is the member email list. It’s a great community of folks trying to do this radio thing. Get questions answered or just learn by watching the¬†conversation. I find it really interesting and helpful.


From Sean on the TPRW email list (signup in the left sidebar):

I found this great talk by Jad Abumrad about how they make Radiolab. He goes into great detail (it’s an hour) and a lot about using sound/music in creative ways.

How Sound

A great podcast about radio making by Rob Rosenthal.

Recording Audio in the Public Radio Style

By Tamara Keith of B-Side.


Let’s kick off the new year with some radio making.

I’ve been roped into this challenge with my Transom classmates, and I’m extending it to this group.¬†We’ve challenged each other to each produce a new radio piece by February 13th 2012 (an arbitrary date chosen because it’s not too far off and it also happens to be World Radio Day).

This is a good chance to set aside the excuses and get something done. Pieces don’t have to be long, or ambitious, or perfect. We’ll meet shortly after the deadline for a judgement-free listen. In the meantime, feel free to bounce ideas off the other group members on the email list.

5by5 gear rundown

A detailed walkthrough of the gear Dan Benjamin uses for his 5by5 podcast network.


Here’s the thing: I’ve been a podcaster for a while, but recently, I took an amazing radio course where I made a couple pieces that got on the air. Now I’m hooked, and I’m working hard to fit freelancing into my life.

If producing audio stories is something you do - or want to do - let’s meet and help each other out!

I’m hoping this will be an informal group where we can keep each other accountable to keep producing and improving our skills. We’ll maintain an email list and probably meet occasionally - but we’re just getting started - this is your chance to help shape this thing!

If you’re interested, you can email me, or fill out the little form on the left.


JP Davidson